Cinnamon Buns.

Good Morning one and all!
This morning I am a happy (vegan) bunny! Yesterday afternoon I prepared my Cinnamon bun tear and share wheel ready for breakfast this morning. (ok… full disclosure… I might have had one last night too!)
As some of you may already know, I am a passionate and dedicated follower of the whole food plant based no oil lifestyle. I am also a Patisserie Chef and I am slowly making my way through translating some of my favourite recipes into compliant versions. I am an English girl and I love afternoon tea cakes and pastries (particularly for breakfast), my favourite has always been Cinnamon buns and/or Chelsea buns. When I was younger I would always love popping into a high street bakery (I won’t mention any names!) to have one of these delicious treats, smothered in thick white icing. Even at boarding school before we went into our evening homework classes we would have afternoon tea and these are exactly the sorts of buns that I would have.
So its with a very happy heart that I share this recipe with you, it is compliant and uses nutritionally rich ingredients and has absolutely no refined ingredients what so ever. For me, I used organic ingredients but that’s entirely up to each of you 🙂

I know a lot of people follow a WFPBNOV lifestyle for weight loss, diabetes control and all sorts of other health related reasons and please let it be clear, I am not trying to encourage people to fall off the wagon, these recipes are compliant and should be enjoyed as treats. However as we all know, eating something that we love every now and then and sharing it with friends and family can be very beneficial for the soul and dare I say it, can even bring people together. I promise you, if you have a bake day coming up at work… or you have non WFPBNOV friends coming over for tea, this recipe is one they will love. Unlike some WFPBNOV recipes these Cinnamon buns can be enjoyed without even telling people what they are, they are equally as good as the much less healthy versions.

My little one loves eating this recipe and why shouldn’t he its absolutely delicious. Its sticky, sweet and utterly satisfying… if he (or my husband or I) is going to have a rare treat, then let it be this. A whole food plant based version of what would otherwise be a treat full of refined sugars (bleaches and chemicals), refined flours (bleaches and chemicals) and animal products: eggs, butter, milk (saturated fat etc).

With this recipe, if you scroll down you will find visual pictures to help you to see how to approach each stage, this is an easy recipe and all it really requires is a little bit of patience… sugars will slow down the activity of yeast so this much like a traditional brioche has a slow long prove. That’s ok, you can make it in the morning while you are preparing breakfast and then leave it to rise until lunch time! There are no fancy techniques involved in this recipe just a little bit of elbow grease with the kneading, or if you have a kitchen mixer, even better… pop all the ingredients in the bowl with a dough hook and leave it on a medium mix setting for five minutes and done!

For all of you lovely cup measurements users, please do use a google cup converter to adjust this recipe to your own preferred measurements 🙂

As always happy baking and in this case, very happy eating!

Joanna xx

(P.S: I couldn’t resist adding this picture below of my half eaten bun, I know that’s an odd thing to do but look at the texture! Its so good I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all!)

Cinnamon Buns.

A delicious whole food plant based no oil complient version of a gorgeous sticky tear and share cinnamon bun wheel.

Cinnamon Bun Dough:

  • 500 grams spelt flour
  • 12 grams dry active yeast
  • 180 mls warm water (room temperature, not hot)
  • 2 tbsp ground flaxseeds ((mix this with 2 tbsp water and set to one side))
  • 50 grams plant milk ((I use oat milk))
  • 200 grams date syrup/maple syrup
  • 2 tsp salt ((flat tsp, not heaped))

Cashew and Coconut Cream.

  • 90 grams cashew nuts ((soaked and the drained before use))
  • 3 pitted medjool dates
  • 30 grams maple syrup
  • 100 grams coconut milk ((or if you would prefer plant milk))
  • ground cinnamon ((read instructions to see when to shake the cinnamon onto the dough))
  1. Dough.

    Weigh your warm water and add in your dry active yeast along with a small squirt of maple syrup to help the yeast to activate – set to one side.

    Put your two tbsp of flaxseeds along with your two tbsp of water in a dish together stir and set to one side.

    Weigh out your other ingredients. Pop your salt in with your flour to one side and then cover with a little more flour (this is to stop your yeast directly hitting raw salt which would slow down the activity of the yeast)

    Add the water with yeast to the flour and stir.

    Mix into your flaxseeds the milk and syrup, stir and add into the dough.

    Stir and then tip out to begin kneeding. This dough will not be too wet and will come together with some kneeding. I always go for around 10 mins. At this stage if you have a kitchen mixer you can use this rather than doing it by hand, just five mins with a dough hook on a medium setting will be fine.

    The main aim with this dough is that when you have finished it and set it to one side in a clean floured bowl to prove, it is not sticky and the dough does not stick to your hands or the bench. This will help you later when it is time to roll it out and form buns. If during the kneeding process you feel the bench needs a light dusting of flour to help to bring the dough together then do so. If you have a particularly pourous flour and the dough is feeling tight then add a touch more water until it feels softer and more elastic.

    Set the dough to one side in a clean floured bowl coverd with a damp tea towel  to prove for three hours or until doubled in size. Don’t worry, this will take time as the syrup in the dough will slow down the activity of the yeast, it will get there! If its taking a little more time then don’t worry about this either just give it a little more time. It will be worth it. Mine takes exactly three hours to double in size.

    Cashew Cream. 

    This is a good time to prepare the cashew cream and set it to one side ready for later.

    Soak the Cashews and pitted medjool dates in boiling water for ten minutes and then drain all of the water away. Pop in a blender with coconut (or plant) milk and small amount of syrup. Blend until very smooth and set aside.

    Preparing the buns ready for the second prove (scroll down for pictures).

    Once the dough has doubled in size, roll it out to around half a cm thickness on a lightly floured surface, keep moving the dough around so that it doesn’t stick to the bench.

    Spread the cashew cream over the dough (see pic below)… at this stage you don’t want the cream to be too thick or when you come to roll the buns it will seep out and you will have a big gooey mess! Around 2-3 mm thick should be enough. When this bakes into the buns it will give the insides of the buns a lovely gooey and tasty element.

    At this stage, I like to drizzle some date syrup over the dough (see pic) or maple syrup if you prefer. Now I haven’t scrimped on this… its a special treat and one to be enjoyed. You can leave this stage out if you prefer but what this does during the baking is offer lovely sweet moisture which gives the finished and baked bun the delicious moist texture seen in my pictures above.

    Before you start to roll, shake cinnamon over the dough very liberally. Yum!

    Begin to roll, see pics below.

    One you have a long sausage of dough, cut the dough equally (to ensure even baking) and very carefully – around 1.5 inches. Use a see saw motion with the knife rather than pushing down or this will squash the rolls and give them uneven shapes.

    Line an 10″ round cake tin with parchment, you could use an 8″ if you prefer but I use a 10″ as this gives the buns room to grow during the second prove and during baking.

    Leave for second prove for one hour, then oven bake in a preheated oven at 180 celcius for 35 mins or until baked.

    Cool on a cooling rack, drizzle with a little more syrup before serving if you like.

Rolled out dough ready to fill and then roll into buns.

Spread the Cashew Cream onto the dough:

Drizzle with some date or maple syrup and then dust liberally with cinnamon:

Begin to roll:

Pop into a lined tin, keep the seem on the inside of the wheel:

Baked and ready to eat!

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